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Regardless of economic problems, govt has laid thrust on training: CM

January 2nd, 2017 | by farideducation
Regardless of economic problems, govt has laid thrust on training: CM


SANKHALI: chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar inaugurated a central authority college constructing at Surla, Baratas Replicas Ray Ban constructed with the aid of GSIDC on the fee of over Rs 4 crore.
Speaking on the event, Parsekar stated the authorities, despite economic troubles, has laid cheap jerseys thrust Sex-Vitamin-Kapseln on training. “we have invested crores of rupees in academic quarter and could do the whole lot to build the destiny of our students who are going to be the pillars of the society,” he stated.
He informed that the government has constructed five new government university buildings, repaired three hundred faculties and additionally constructed 14 new college buildings, ensured improvement in all 40 constituencies with none discrimination. He said the authorities has fulfilled maximum promises in ultimate 5 years and succeeded in offering appropriate governance inside the country.
MLA Pramod Sawant said the government is eager on giving boost to neighborhood languages-Marathi and Konkani and “we’re working difficult to sell great education in the country.” He said the opposition turned into making needless criticism.
He advised college students, teachers and parents to make proper use of the infrastructure and facilities provided to them by means of the authorities.
Krishna Gaude, sarpanch of Surla panchayat, Manisha Ghadi, deputy sarpanch, Sandeep Chodankar, manager of GSIDC, Ramkrishna Samant, deputy director of training branch, Pooja Naik, headmistress of Bhile excessive faculty, Ganesh Bhanye and other panchayat contributors had been among individuals who had been present on the event.
Headmistress of Bhile high school Pooja Naik welcomed the gathering, Nutan Govekar compered and Kripsina D’Silva proposed the vote of thank you.

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